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Check Your Breath! No Matter Your Workout, We Have Some Helpful Tips For You

You breathe in. You breathe out. You rarely think about your inhales and exhales, except (hopefully) when you’re working out. Your breath is important; after all it supports your effort and can help make you more efficient. To hone in on the simple act of breathing, we’ve broken it down by exercise type.

How to Breathe For Cardio

Avoid shallow breaths since they are…

In a Workout Rut? These 50+ Workout Posters Are the Answer

Whether you’re at a complete loss for how to start working out, or your stale sessions could use a little spicing up, we’ve got a workout poster for you. If you’re looking for strength training, cardio, and combos of the two, you’ll want to bookmark this for later so you can easily find these awesome kick-butt workouts on your phone or iPad. Or choose your favorites and p…