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How to Prevent Birds From Flying Into Windows

Many small birds, such as cardinals and robins, are so territorial that they will fly straight into a glass window, thinking they’re driving their own reflection away. This is a particular problem during breeding season, but birds may also fly into windows throughout the year. You can prevent birds from flying into the windows of your home or office by putting in a few safety measures. There are also several ornithologist-tested and approved products on the market that are highly effective for preventing window collisions.

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How to Remotely Restart a Windows Machine Through Command Line

This wikiHow teaches you how to restart another computer on your network from your own computer by using the Windows Command Prompt app. You cannot remotely restart a computer with Command Prompt if you haven’t previously set the computer up to be remotely restarted, nor can you remotely restart a computer that isn’t on your Internet network.

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How to Empower Darkish Concept in Windows ten

The anniversary update of Windows ten came with a entertaining new concept for end users.[one] The much requested dim topic is now an alternative for any individual bored by the outdated light shade scheme. This post will information you if you want to swap to the new and fresh dark topic in Windows ten.

  • Prior to you start off: This write-up will be useful only if you have previously upgraded to the anniversary edition of Windows 10. Discover how to do it How to of the Day