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How to Keep a Toddler Busy on an Airplane

Many parents dread spending hours on an airplane with a toddler, but there are ways to make the experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible. If you have some time to prepare for your trip, pack your bag with items to keep your toddler busy during the flight. You can even make some special items to entertain your toddler if you like to get crafty! If you are already on a plane without any special gear, then there are several things you can try.

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How to Entertain a Toddler

Toddlers tend to have boundless energy, short attention spans, and an eagerness to interact with others. This means that keeping them entertained involves a lot of active engagement on your part. However, toddlers can also be enthralled by simple things, like copying you or playing with a box, and love activities that put them “in charge.” So be creative, keep it simple, and have fun!

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How to Get Your Toddler to Play with Other Children

Some children begin socializing naturally, but others may struggle to make friends or join group activities. If your child is shy, hesitant, or afraid of socializing, you can build up their confidence and social skills at home. Arranging playdates can provide a more comfortable way to socialize for your toddler. Once they are comfortable playing 1-on-1, focus on helping them play in groups at daycare or in other public situations.

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