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It’s Time to Give Thanks For These 16 Sexy Romances Out in November

It’s the month to be thankful for family, happiness, and anything that makes our lives a little better – though, let’s be honest: we’re thankful for those things every day, right? But after we’ve finished giving thanks for the important things in life, I’d like to give a lot of thanks for these amazi…

How to Feel Awake After Changing to Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time is used to save energy and have more daylight during the summer months. During this time, the clocks are set forward in the Spring and moved back in the Fall. It can drastically alter your sleep schedule, making you feel groggy during the day and can make it difficult for you to be productive at work or school. However, if you avoid common mistakes, and adjust your sleep schedule and lifestyle, you can adapt to the time change.

How to of the Day

5 Reasons Department Store Makeup Artists Won’t Give You the Time of Day

I worked as a makeup artist at a department store for four long years, but it felt like 40 years by the time I escaped. I certainly deserved all the free company moisturizers and concealers just to hide the stress lines that appeared across my face during that time.

It wasn’t always like that. When I started, I was as exci…