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You and Your Drink Can Chill on This Truck Pool Float – It’s Secretly a Giant Cooler!

When I think of Summer, my mind goes straight to sitting in the bed of my dad’s truck on the Fourth of July and watching fireworks from down the street burst into the sky. Now there’s a truck you can lie back and relax in all Summer long, and it floats on water! Available at BJ’s Wholesale, the POPSUGAR

This “Handbalancer” Can Do Crazy Things Upside Down and Even Gravity Is Like, “What?!”

Is nailing a handstand one of your lifetime goals? Well, meet your new inspiration. Morgan Rose Moroneyhas “Handbalancer & Coach” in the description on her Instagram account, and these videos prove she is the real deal. She must spend more time on her hands than on her feet! If you wa…