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How to Care for an 8 Week Old Puppy

At 8 weeks of age, your puppy is ready to leave its mother and littermates, and join your family. Your focus should be on your puppy’s basic needs of eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, and eliminating. Around this time, a puppy is also becoming more curious and interested in its environment, so this is the best time to start teaching your puppy everything it needs to know!

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This UPS Driver Takes Photos With Dogs on His Route, and It’s the Definition of “Puppy Love”

Jason Hardesty is a self-proclaimed “easily entertained UPS driver” with a collection of furry friends. Since starting a new route in New Orleans two years ago, Jason has had the chance to meet with many adorable dogs – and get some quality photo ops out of their interactions. His heart-melting canine snaps continue to grow in popularity, resulting in over 36,000 followers on <... POPSUGAR

How to Potty Train a Puppy in an Apartment

Potty training a puppy is a little trickier when you have an apartment, since you can’t install a doggie door or easily let your furry companion outside. The key is to start early and be consistent. Place your dog on a regular feeding schedule so you can predict when she’ll need to go outside, and reward her every time she demonstrates good behavior. Before you know it, your puppy will run to the door and wag her tail instead of having indoor accidents. Read on to learn more about how to potty train a puppy in an apartment.

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How to Educate Your Puppy to Heel

Many times when men and women consider their puppy for a wander, they are truly dragged together powering the dog, as an alternative of foremost it. A canine that pulls, or even a puppy that lags behind, has not been correctly skilled to wander in unison with its proprietor. Heeling is such a cozy way to wander with your dog, not in opposition to it, that it is worth your while to educate your pup how to do it. Any individual can train a pet to heel with repetition and persistence, along with some basic strategies.

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How to Practice Your Rottweiler Puppy with Simple Instructions

Rottweilers are naturally loyal canine and aim to please their proprietors. This loyalty, merged with their intelligence, makes them very trainable.[1] A properly trained puppy is a content canine as he knows his situation in his human loved ones. Investing a tiny time every single day to education your Rottweiler puppy will assist him change properly to the family and make him a wonderful canine citizen for a long time to come.

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How to Inform if a Puppy Is Expecting

It can be challenging to inform whether or not a puppy is expecting till the previous few weeks of her nine-week gestation, when her belly’s enhance in dimension is difficult to miss out on. The ideal way to find out is by having her to a vet, but currently being aware of physical and behavioral alterations that could get spot is also valuable. Expecting canines display some indications of currently being pregnant in the early, middle, and late levels of pregnancy.

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