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How to Practice the Piano Without a Piano

It might seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually beneficial to practice piano away from your instrument. Exercise your fingers by tapping them on a tabletop as if you were striking keys. When you tap away, do rhythm finger drills or play through an entire song. If you need to memorize a piece, study the score 1 bar at a time and tap each hand’s part on the tabletop. Gradually build up parts and bars until you’ve worked through the entire song. Whether you play at an advanced level or are just starting out, you could also try using a number of helpful practice apps.

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How to Practice Self Care As a Parent

Making time for yourself can be difficult as a parent, and it’s easy to go days without giving yourself proper care. Yet, giving to yourself helps you give to others. First, set aside some time for yourself and stick to it. Do activities that prioritize your emotional and physical health. If you have problems being consistent, get an accountability partner or schedule a regular babysitter. And remember– it’s important to have moments to relax!

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How to Practice Your Rottweiler Puppy with Simple Instructions

Rottweilers are naturally loyal canine and aim to please their proprietors. This loyalty, merged with their intelligence, makes them very trainable.[1] A properly trained puppy is a content canine as he knows his situation in his human loved ones. Investing a tiny time every single day to education your Rottweiler puppy will assist him change properly to the family and make him a wonderful canine citizen for a long time to come.

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