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How to Fully Erase Your Smartphone of All Personal Information

When it comes time to sell your smartphone or trade it in for your once-a-year improve, you are going to have to make positive that all of the sensitive data the device accrued even though you owned it is correctly erased so that no 1 else can entry it. This method is referred to as a “Factory Reset,” and no matter of if you possess an Iphone or Android device, like a Samsung Galaxy product, HTC 1, or Nexus, I am going to display you how to do it underneath. Will not Skip: How to Spot a Counterfeit Smartphone Iphone (Options Method) Wiping all data from an Iphone is actually very easy—just go to Settings -> General -> Reset, then… more


You Can Now Color in Your Personal Google Emblem

Google is pushing out an update for its namesake Google app that lets you get a little innovative with the way the Google logo seems. You’ll be capable to incorporate your own shade plan to the Google brand, and incorporate colors past the standard blue, red, yellow, etc. Now when you start the Google application, you are going to very first be greeted with a greater version of the emblem in full colour just before quickly fading to white. Certain you could just depart the logo blank, but what is the fun in that?. Nicely, that seems to be rather plain—but all it requires is a faucet on the emblem to get the color flowing. Each press on the monitor will… a lot more