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26 Perfect Gifts to Show Your Babysitter You Appreciate Them

This holiday season, we know there’s an endless list of people you need to buy gifts for, but one person you shouldn’t let slip through the cracks is your nanny. Show your appreciation by finding them the perfect gift. This is no easy task; it has to be personal, original, and reflective of just how much they mean to you. We’ve come up with POPSUGAR

The Perfect Nap Length (and Why You Need a Nap Daily)

Let’s face it: napping is awesome! Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply not someone you need in your life. Napping, however, you most definitely do need in your life. You love it, we love it, and there are many scientific reasons why your body needs it, too! But not all naps are equal. Are you the long napper? Do you take little catnaps? Do you wake…

How to Make Sunny-Side Up Eggs: 3 Perfect Recipes

Starting off your day with perfectly cooked sunny-side up eggs can be very liberating. They are low in calories and cook up quickly. For those who are fond of eggs, sunny-side ups are like sunshine served on a plate. Yummy! Sunny-side up eggs are fried only on one side, until the egg white turns pristine…

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