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HBO Is Welcoming Every Harry Potter Movie With an Epic Weeklong Marathon!

HBO is giving us all something to do while we’re hungover on New Year’s Day. On Jan. 1, HBO will officially welcome all eight Harry Potter movies – in addition to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is already available on the channel. Even better, the entire franchise will also be available anytime on HBO str…

Movie: Automate a Camera’s Route with the HoloLens and VRoom Cam

Every day the young planet of combined fact is creating new methods for people to operate with with computers. We are searching for, and locating, new approaches for these head-worn pcs to recognize what we explain to them. Sometimes it is with our hands, occasionally it is the place we switch our head, occasionally it is what we say. In the scenario highlighted beneath, it truly is where we stroll. VRoom Cam is a p…

Movie: PokéLens—A HoloLens Principle Recreation with Undertaking Downloads

Completely ready to finally play some Pokémon on your HoloLens? Right here is your possibility! KennyWdev has introduced a video clip demonstrating off his latest create of PokéLens, a Pokémon clone for the HoloLens related to Pokémon GO. In the video clip, you get to see two Pokémon fight it out on what appears to be an business office flooring. Seemingly, Pikachu is “tremendous powerful.” This coincidentally appeare…