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How to Enjoy Life Without Money

It is very possible to enjoy life without money with a little effort and brainstorming. You can trade and swap for things like clothing and books, and shop cheaply for other items. With some creativity you can enjoy a host of free or inexpensive activities with friends and family. Even travel without money is a possibility with ridesharing and couchsurfing communities. Make the most of every opportunity to enjoy life without spending a dime!

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How to Raise Seed Money

The capital loaned out by investors to help a new business get off the ground is often referred to as “seed money.” If you’re a hopeful business owner, you can begin seeking out potential investors by talking to your friends and family, networking with other interested parties, and attending startup events. In order to earn the confidence (and therefore the money) of your investors, you’ll need to be able to show them that you have an actionable plan in place for turning your idea into a profitable operation.

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14 Beauty Hacks to Save Money and Look Beautiful

Beauty is pain! But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you have few beauty hacks in your pocket. Be it your hair, your skin, your lips, your eyes, or your nails, there are many shortcuts that can help you beautify yourself, saving time and money. We bring you some of the amazing inexpensive…

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