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Are You Making These 6 Terrible Hair-Washing Mistakes?

You already know that overwashing your hair is a major no-no and that using superhot water can wreak havoc on your strands. You’re also probably aware that applying conditioner to your scalp makes for an oily head, and that excessive scrubbing can weaken the shaft and leave you with a tangled mess. These are all commonly discussed mistakes, but with the help of…

Make Disneyland’s Renowned Dole Whip at Property Making use of Only 2 Components

A go to to Disneyland is not comprehensive without a trip to the Tiki Juice Bar exactly where the famous Dole Whip comfortable serve dessert resides. These golden swirls of frozen pineapple-y goodness are an important part of any magical go to. But journeys to Disneyland are rather dear today. So for these times when I can not make it out to the happiest area on earth, I…