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How to Organize Jewelry in a Drawer

If you’ve been looking for a way to organize your jewelry, placing it in your drawer in a jewelry organizer is a great way to keep it sorted and in good condition. Look through your jewelry and get rid of pieces you don’t want anymore before purchasing a jewelry organizer with compartments for each piece. You can even get creative and make your own containers to put in the drawer from things like egg cartons or unused tea cups.

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How to Make Jewelry with Wire

Wire is used to make chains and findings for many types of jewelry. The strength, flexibility, and natural beauty of wire also makes it perfect for creating beautiful embellishments on beaded jewelry or pendants. Some artfully wrapped or woven wire can also stand alone as an elegant piece. Master the basics of wire wrapping and wire weaving, and you’ll soon be able to create an array of gorgeous wire jewelry.

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Here’s Why You’re Obsessed With BaubleBar Jewelry Trends, and You Just Can’t Get Enough

When BaubleBar cofounder Daniella Yacobovsky sat down with POPSUGAR’s style director Dana Avidan Cohn at POPSUGAR Play/Ground, it was easy to single her out from the other entrepreneurs on the Female Frontier panel. She didn’t have any more fervor than the rest of the impressive women sitting before me – Nell…

How to Build a Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire is a jewelry box that can hold a large amount of jewelry and is typically tall enough to hang chains and necklaces inside of it. Some are mounted to the wall, while others stand up on their own. If you would like to make your own jewelry armoire, you can make one from scratch that will suit your needs. To begin with, you need to decide how big your jewelry armoire should be. Then you can plan and build your own armoire.

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How to Pawn Jewelry

Pawning jewelry for money is not typically an ideal situation since pawn shops offer high interest rates and price jewelry at a fraction of its true value. However, if you need a quick loan, pawning jewelry might be your only option. By taking the time to have your jewelry appraised, shopping around for the best loan deals, and getting your loan paid back on time, you can safely get the money you need and still get your jewelry back!

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