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When It’s Raining or Too Hot to Run Outside, I Do These 23 Indoor Cardio Exercises

Warmer weather has inspired me to get back into running outside – every summer, I’m reminded how amazing the sun and breeze feels on my skin. But if it’s too chilly in the morning, too hot, too humid, or it’s raining, I lose all motivation and keep my workout inside instead.

My outdoor runs are usually an hour, but for these indoor workouts, 30 minutes is usually my limit. I s…

You and Your Drink Can Chill on This Truck Pool Float – It’s Secretly a Giant Cooler!

When I think of Summer, my mind goes straight to sitting in the bed of my dad’s truck on the Fourth of July and watching fireworks from down the street burst into the sky. Now there’s a truck you can lie back and relax in all Summer long, and it floats on water! Available at BJ’s Wholesale, the POPSUGAR

This UPS Driver Takes Photos With Dogs on His Route, and It’s the Definition of “Puppy Love”

Jason Hardesty is a self-proclaimed “easily entertained UPS driver” with a collection of furry friends. Since starting a new route in New Orleans two years ago, Jason has had the chance to meet with many adorable dogs – and get some quality photo ops out of their interactions. His heart-melting canine snaps continue to grow in popularity, resulting in over 36,000 followers on <... POPSUGAR

It’s Time to Give Thanks For These 16 Sexy Romances Out in November

It’s the month to be thankful for family, happiness, and anything that makes our lives a little better – though, let’s be honest: we’re thankful for those things every day, right? But after we’ve finished giving thanks for the important things in life, I’d like to give a lot of thanks for these amazi…