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How to Grow Chia

Chia seeds are a nutritious plant that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Although this food can be pricey at many grocery stores, it’s easy and inexpensive to plant and harvest from the comfort of your own home. Once you’ve found a dry, warm area to grow your seeds, use a rake to mix a handful of chia seeds into the soil. After watering your plant on a monthly basis, wait until the it has fully bloomed to harvest the seeds from the flowering chia plant. With the proper storage, you can enjoy your chia seeds for several years!

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How to Grow Dill

Dill is a perennial herb that is often used for pickling as well as in soups, dips, salads, and stews.[1] In addition to being delicious, dill is easy to grow either indoors or in a garden, making it a great addition to any herb or vegetable garden. All you need is a sunny location and slightly acidic, well-drained soil, and you’ll be enjoying this tangy herb in no time!

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How to Grow Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Freshwater aquarium plants are a beautiful addition to your home and provide several benefits for your fish. Living plants will remove nitrates from the water, improving the quality of the water and reducing algae growth. They also boost the oxygen levels in the tank and provide fish with fun places to hide.[1] Growing freshwater plants in your aquarium is a fun and easy hobby that will delight both you and your fish.

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How to Grow Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are a pea lover’s dream. Unlike other varieties, which have to be shelled in order to extract the tender peas, sugar snaps can be devoured pod and all. They’re also a cinch to grow, making them a favorite among horticulturalists, cooks, and casual gardeners alike. Simply plant the pea seeds somewhere mild and shady and make sure they receive regular water. In 2-3 months, you’ll have a crop of crunchy, delectable peas that can be snacked on raw or added to your favorite wholesome recipes.

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How to Grow Turmeric in 6 Simple Steps (With Real Pictures)

Although turmeric is native to Southeast Asia, lately it seems to have spread its color across the globe. This herb, which hails from the ginger family, is used by holistic health providers as well as conventional doctors for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a great herb to have on hand for cooking, especially if you…

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How to Grow Armenian Cucumber

Munching on a crunchy cucumber salad is pretty much a given in the summertime. If you’re fond of cukes, then you’re going to love Armenian cucumbers. Growing Armenian cucumbers in your summer vegetable garden is one of the best ways to celebrate the sun. Armenian cucumbers are known by many names, such as snake cucumbers,…

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How to Grow Thicker and Longer Eyelashes

Long and luscious eyelashes are one of the most important attributes of a beautiful face. They frame the eyes and can draw many to take a second look at your charming face. However, not everyone is blessed with thick and long eyelashes. To make up for it, there are numerous eye products available in the…

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How to Grow Beets from Seeds

Looking for a tasty addition to your vegetable garden? Well, beets fit the bill. This gorgeous, juicy veggie is the perfect project if you’re a novice in vegetable gardening. Beets, also called beetroots, are fairly easy to grow from seeds. Beets are perfect for making natural dyes as well as taste delicious when slow-roasted and…

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A Zika Outbreak Almost certainly Will not likely Strike the US, but These States Could Grow to be Scorching Places

To significantly of the United States, Zika appears like a tropical condition that triggers terrible problems in other international locations, but is absolutely nothing to be concerned about stateside. It could make you rethink your beach holiday abroad, but not much far more than that. However, if you dwell in Florida or Texas, the chance of obtaining a Zika an infection exactly where …