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How to Have Good Manners

Good manners are an important thing to have since it shows that you’re courteous to other people. Having good social etiquette can help you develop better relationships and make you more enjoyable to be around. If you’re having a meal with others, then make sure you use good manners while you’re eating to show that you’re respectful. You also should maintain etiquette while you’re online so you don’t offend or overshare with others.

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How to Make a Good Podcast

It’s pretty easy to start up a podcast and make a few episodes—all you need is some basic audio recording and editing equipment. To make a good podcast, though, requires a strong concept, a dedication to quality, and the enthusiasm to connect with listeners. Seek inspiration from podcasts and podcasters you like, but make your podcast something that suits your passion and goals. And don’t forget to have fun with it!

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How to Find Out if a Good Friend Is Crushing on You

It’s hard enough to tell when a random person has a crush on you, but it can be even trickier when it’s a close friend. Close friends tend to be very comfortable with each other, and they may act in ways that can seem flirtatious. If you are wondering if a friend has a crush on you, pay attention to their body language and how they talk to you, or work up the courage and just ask!

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