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It’s Time to Give Thanks For These 16 Sexy Romances Out in November

It’s the month to be thankful for family, happiness, and anything that makes our lives a little better – though, let’s be honest: we’re thankful for those things every day, right? But after we’ve finished giving thanks for the important things in life, I’d like to give a lot of thanks for these amazi…

How to Give a Speech Without Preparation

Public speaking is daunting for many people, and having little time to prepare just increases the pressure. If you’re called on to give a speech at a wedding, funeral, or other similar situation, stick to pre-set ideas like personal anecdotes and quotations, and keep things brief. If you have to give a speech in a professional situation, follow a tried-and-true method for quickly organizing your thoughts to keep things to the point. Take a breath, stay confident, and you can deliver an effective speech on the spot.

How to of the Day

5 Reasons Department Store Makeup Artists Won’t Give You the Time of Day

I worked as a makeup artist at a department store for four long years, but it felt like 40 years by the time I escaped. I certainly deserved all the free company moisturizers and concealers just to hide the stress lines that appeared across my face during that time.

It wasn’t always like that. When I started, I was as exci…