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How to Transfer Favorites from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome

Are you moving from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome? This wikiHow will teach you how to transfer your favorites (also known as bookmarks) from IE to Chrome so you don’t have to remember all of them and do it manually. Since Internet Explorer is a Windows-only web browser, this article only pertains to Windows computers.

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How to Clean Turmeric Stains from Plastic

Turmeric may be a delicious addition to your recipes, but it’s not afraid to leave its mark on your plastic containers. Before you start scrubbing away at your dishes, take a look at the cleaning supplies that you have on hand. Experiment with different pastes, soaks, and cleaning products until you find a solution that works for you!

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How to Stop Fabric from Fraying

Learning how to effectively stop fabric from fraying can save you time, aggravation, and money. Whether you’re in the middle of a sewing or quilting project or you’re trying to salvage a favorite piece of clothing, a fraying edge can be an unwelcome sight. There are several methods out there that will help you preserve your fabric edges and prevent fraying.

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From the Precinct to the Courtroom, Black Women Deserve Protection

Trigger warning: This post contains an account of sexual assault.

I remember the first time my grandmother told me she was sexually assaulted. I was 9 years old. When the assault happened, she had just moved into a new house with her sons to escape physical abuse from her husband. Everything was coming together for her. The onl…

How to Protect Yourself from Air Pollution

The World Health Organization has named air pollution as the world’s largest environmental health risk.[1] The first step in reducing its effects on your body is to educate yourself about the risks of air pollution in your area. Then, you can change your activities to reduce the effect of pollution on your body. Once you have made these adjustments, you can start changing your diet to ensure your body repairs itself and prevents free-radical damage from air pollution.

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How to Protect Clothes from Moisture

If you’ve had run-ins with mildew or damp clothes, you’re definitely not alone. While unwanted moisture can seem unavoidable in your wardrobe and garments, there are few ways you can protect your clothing from developing pesky mold. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, try using a cleaning product designed to repel or absorb moisture, like charcoal or silica gel. If your clothes have already succumbed to mold or mildew, there’s no need to panic—with a few household cleaners, you can sanitize and restore your garments in no time!

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