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How to Make Friends on the First Day of School

One of the hardest things to do on the first day of school is making new friends. It’s completely normal to feel scared and anxious. If you feel nervous, there are few simple things you can do to make friends more easily. You can give someone a compliment or use a conversation starter to start chatting. Joining a club or sports team will give you a chance to get to know other people. With a little effort, you’ll make new friends in no time!

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Infect Your Friends with Zombie Punch

Halloween is this weekend, so if you are hunting for a very last-minute big batch cocktail that will maintain your friends appropriately hydrated—and may change them into mutants—look no even more! (Note: This will not in fact hydrate anybody, just so we are clear. Priorities, people!) Fulfill Zombie Punch: it is the best potion of straightforward, inexpensive, and tasty elements that will have your buddies coming again for ano…