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The Reason I Finally Gave My Kids a Toy Limit

It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas, and my house is being overtaken by toys – toys still in their boxes, rogue toy parts sprawled over my floors, and toys overflowing from the bins and baskets that seemed ample just a month ago. And this cluttered, overloaded state, my fellow moms, is exactly why I gave my kids a toy limit this…

Right after Weeks of Controversy, President Obama Finally Speaks Out About Smartphone Privacy

With the DOJ attempting to rip Apple a new one particular and an Apple attorney firing again, the President presented his viewpoint on the recent encryption debacle amongst the FBI and Apple at SXSW, amidst some chat about the route of today’s tech business. In Case You Skipped It: The FBI vs. Apple & Encryption Whilst not commenting on the Apple case directly, President Obama stated “All of us benefit our privacy and this is a society that is built on a structure and a bill of rights and a healthier skepticism about overreaching govt power.” To strengthen that sentiment, the President included, “I am of… more