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How to Attend Family Gatherings When You Are Autistic

When holiday seasons or big family events are coming up, there are inevitably family gatherings, which can be especially hard for autistic people. With the broken routine comes a flurry of overly affectionate family members, and situations and places that you may have had minimal experience with. A family gathering can be hard, but they’re more easily manageable if you find ways to accommodate yourself and lessen the stress of the environment.

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How to Celebrate Your Family Heritage

Family heritage means the background that you come from. For example, you may be of a German, Chinese, or Kenyan heritage. It is likely that your heritage does not consist of just one culture because ancestry is often mixed. To celebrate your family heritage, learn about your heritage, get involved, and make items that have something to do with your heritage.

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12 April Fool’s Working day Pranks for Your Smartphone-Addicted Family members & Pals

April Fool’s Working day, aka Countrywide Screw with Your Friends Working day, is listed here. You can usually pull a standard prank, like strategically inserting a whoopee cushion on your mom’s chair, but that joke has been exhausted generations ahead of smartphones have been close to. We reside in a day and age the place smack cam is the new degree of pranking, so it is time…