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How to Vacation at Home During Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted everyone’s routine in all sorts of ways. If you had a nice vacation planned, you might be feeling especially disappointed right about now. But even if you can’t go anywhere, you can still enjoy some luxurious time off in the comfort of your own home! From taking a virtual fieldtrip to creating a spa in your own bathroom, there are all kinds of creative ways to relax while you’re stuck in lockdown.

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How to Hang Out with Your Friends During the Coronavirus Crisis

The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has forced many people to socially distance themselves from others to prevent viral transmission. Even if you feel isolated from your friends during this tough time, you can still spend time with them safely over the Internet. If you and your friends feel healthy, you can try getting together in person, but be sure to limit your group size and the amount of physical contac…
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How to Avoid Ear Pain During a Flight

Ear pain is a common and unpleasant experience for airplane travelers. You may experience pain, stuffiness, or discomfort in your ears during takeoff and landing, when rapid changes in altitude cause an imbalance between the air pressure in the cabin and the air pressure inside your ears. Fortunately, you can protect your ears during the flight by swallowing frequently and using special breathing techniques to clear your ears. Flying while congested can make pain due to pressure changes worse, but you can minimize this problem by taking a few simple precautions bef…
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How to Travel During Pregnancy

Traveling during pregnancy is not usually a problem if your pregnancy has been uncomplicated and you are not too close to your due date. However, it is a good idea to check with your doctor and develop a plan for seeking medical attention if you should need it. Whether you are planning a babymoon or business trip, there are also several things you should keep in mind to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your travels.

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