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4 Women – From Sarah Hyland to Renée Rouleau – Share How They Heal Through Beauty

Everything was looking like it was on the up and up for Djimbi Djevdet. She had just gotten married and was finishing up her postgraduate certificate in education, when suddenly she fell unbearably ill. For months, a stream of medical tests left her in and out of the hospital, unable to walk four wee…

21 Hot, Hot, Hot Beauty Products You’ll Want to Hoard this Spring

As we swap out our heavy Carhartt beanies for floppy sun hats, it’s time to give your vanity a good once-over, too. Spring heralds many clichés, such as warmer weather, longer days, and blooming flowers, but you know what else it brings? A tax return, y’all. And what better way to spend all that free money than on a bevy of brand new makeup, hair, and skincare products?


Your Sweet Tooth Called – It Wants Beauty Bakerie’s “Nude-tella” Lipsticks, STAT

If you’re in need of a midday sugar rush, here’s something better than candy for ya: Beauty Bakerie just launched new liquid lipsticks. They’re not just any ‘ol liquid lipsticks, though. The brand responsible for some of Instagram’s buzziest beauty products (we’r…

Stop Believing These 7 Lies the Beauty Industry Has Told You

It’s quite shocking what people will believe and hold on to. There are millions of these lies that women read one day at the beauty parlor and hold on to for the rest of their life. It isn’t that what you read is necessarily a lie, exactly, it’s just that beliefs or ideas put out into the beauty universe don’t necessarily translate to every woman. We …

14 Beauty Hacks to Save Money and Look Beautiful

Beauty is pain! But, it doesn’t have to be that way if you have few beauty hacks in your pocket. Be it your hair, your skin, your lips, your eyes, or your nails, there are many shortcuts that can help you beautify yourself, saving time and money. We bring you some of the amazing inexpensive…

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