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How to Do Yoga Stretches for Lower Back Pain

If you have lower back pain, you may find it harder to perform everyday tasks that involve lifting, bending, reaching, or even merely walking. Fortunately, there are a few stretches specific to yoga that you can use to loosen up the muscles in your lower back and to relieve pain. Relaxing your lower-back muscles will help you feel less tension in the sore muscles and will give your body a chance to heal any damaged tissue. Regardless of which stretches you choose, perform them wearing loose-fitting clothing and on soft carpet or a yoga mat.

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How to Stretch Your Lower Back with a Pull Up Bar

The muscles in your lower back can be tough to target with ordinary stretches. Luckily, one common yet invaluable piece of fitness equipment can take the difficulty out of your stretching routine—a pull up bar. Simply hanging from a bar or similar surface for a few seconds at a time does a fantastic job of decompressing the spine, improving circulation and mobility in surrounding tissues, and providing much-needed relief to tight, achy muscles.

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How to Protect Your Back While Moving

Moving into a new home, or helping someone else move, is a common way to strain or injure your back. To minimize your potential for back problems, make sure to lift every item using proper technique—keep the old adage “lift with your legs” in mind! You should also work to get your back and body in shape beforehand, and take care of them during and after moving day. It’s also a good idea to use hand trucks and dollies, and to consider hiring pros if need…
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How to Push Back Your Cuticles

Perfectly manicured hands can make you look more put-together and refined, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money at the salon to have great nails! If you’re giving yourself a manicure, take a few minutes to push back your cuticles, or the thin skin growing at the base of your nails. Your nail beds will look longer, giving your nails a more elegant appearance. However, you should never cut your cuticles, as this can leave you exposed to dangerous and painful infections.

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