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How to Accept Blame when You Deserve It

When you know you are at fault for a problem, the mature and responsible thing to do is stand up and own up to the mistake, accept the consequences, and be part of the solution. Recognize where you went wrong and be prepared to fully own what you did. Talk to the person and tell them what went wrong and apologize. Then, move on from the situation, knowing you will do better next time.

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How to Accept Being Shy

Many people who are shy think of this personality trait as being a negative one. The truth is that it is not such a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with being shy, actually. While people may call you out on it by saying, “Oh, why are you so shy?” and that may embarrass you, there are many benefits to being shy.[1] You have a chance to think before you act. You do not get too close to people who may be untrustworthy, and you are approachable because you are calm in social situations. Since these benefits may not be enough to convince you should accept being shy, the following …
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