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How to Support an Addict

You want to help someone you care about who has an addiction, but where do you start? Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine what actions are supportive and which ones are enabling. One of the best ways to support a loved one is by encouraging treatment. Additionally, offer your emotional support by lending a listening ear and showing empathy for them. If you choose to share your resources with the person, set boundaries and only give what you are comfortable giving.

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How to Make Churro Apple Pie Bowls

Get creative with your love of churros and make these churro apple pie bowls! This toothsome dessert is made with churro bowls that are used as the ‘crust’ to these pies. Scooped with sweet apple pie filling and drizzled over with warm caramel sauce, it’s a fall treat that can’t be skipped.

  • Makes: 6 pies

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How to Treat a Wind Burn

After a long day skiing on the slopes or jogging in frigid weather, you may notice you have developed dry, red, swollen skin, also known as wind burn. Wind burn is caused by cold wind and low humidity, leading to cracked, irritated skin that burns. This painful skin condition can be treated by applying moisturizer, gel, or ointment to soothe your skin. You can also care for the wind burn so it heals properly. Make sure you take steps like wearing a face mask or other protective gear to prevent getting wind burn so you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to worry about dry, irritated skin.

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How to Print Digital Art

If you’re a digital artist, you can’t display or sell your work without printing it out. Ensuring that your work looks professional when you print it out is important for your reputation as an artist. First, prepare your art for printing. You should adjust the resolution, sharpness, and contrast of the image to make it as professional-looking as possible. The right materials will help your artwork look professional, too. Pigment-based inks and good quality paper used in a professional printer will give your digital art a professional look.

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How to Paint Cornhole Boards

If you love playing cornhole but don’t want to buy an expensive pair of boards, make and paint your own. Once you’ve assembled the basic wooden boards, prepare the wood by filling, sanding, and priming them. Determine how glossy you want the boards to be and then use a brush or roller to apply the paint. Always let the boards dry completely before adding coats of paint. Embellish your cornhole boards with designs, decals, or stickers.

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How to Deal with Subtle Bullying

Subtle bullying may not be as easy to spot as outright name-calling or physical aggression, but it can be just as upsetting and isolating. Subtle bullying may include expressing “fake” compliments, being excluded from group activities on purpose, or having one’s reputation or work sabotaged. If this is happening to you, you can help counter it by acting more confidently. Also, distance yourself from the bully and rally up a support system. Learn what your rights are and talk to someone who can help you take a stand against the bully.

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