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Facebook Blog Home – Q&a

David asks… How would you feel if a guy tells you that he masturbates to the pictures I have on my blog and facebook? A classmate of mine was walking home with me today and told me that he masturbates to the pictures i put on my blog and facebook. He also tells me that […]

Army Fancy Dress Costumes

If you want to challenge someone salacious like an impregnable army solder, you ought to search only for the alluring fancy gown costume of army. There is no need to draw your attention on actual importance of fanciful army attire or reveal you why to wear a fancy costume or army gown as yours visiting […]

Twitter Should Limit People – Q&a

Paul asks… Is Twitter the ultimate in technology stopping people from concentrating? Plus some info is v. mundane? Why do we need real time updates on people who are doing exactly what you’d expect them to be doing, which wasn’t very interesting anyway? Surely there is a limit to how many updates we need, at […]

Vitamins For Acne – Q&a

Steven asks… can an overdose of vitamins cause acne? ive been taking hair skin & nail pills for about 2 months and i’ve been breaking out like crazy mostly on my chin and around my mouth. can the hair skin & nail pills be whats causing me to breakout? dave answers: No but they can […]

Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Finest Eye Cream for Darkish Circles Only that is the best eye cream for darkish circles which rejuvenates facial pores and skin bestowing it a youthful and vibrant search. Curious to get rid of darkish circles about their eyes, the attractiveness-aware females resort to making use of range of anti-wrinkles lotions of the marketplace but […]

Basset Artesien Normand

Introduction Basset Artesien Normand canines are quite related to Basset Hounds. The breed originated in Artois and Normandy, France. It was documented as a purebred breed in 1870. Renowned breeders Louis Lane and Count Le Coulteux de Canteleu made two types of Norman Bassets from a frequent ancestry sort. Right now&#8217s Basset Artesien Normand dog […]

Fast Weight Loss – Q&a

Paul asks… Is there a good and fast weight loss plan? After i give birth my weight keep going up and i wan to stop it. Is there any way that i can loss weight fast? dave answers: I stuck relegiously to it for 3 months and lose 7 pound. I have quite a lot […]

Womens Health – Q&a

Ruth asks… womens health? what is a women who has contributed to womens health? (any time frame) please and thank you!! also you do not have to give links or add extra details just the name dave answers: Marie Stopes Susan asks… “does the womens health clinic call you and leave a messege saying that […]

Ab Workouts at Home

Ab Workout routines at Residence By executing simple-to-do ab exercises at home you&#8217ve obtained to get exceptional six-pack abs, acquiring rid of undesirable belly-fat surprisingly. Some specific ab-workout routines burn excessive extra fat of belly gifting the exerciser with incredible 6-pack abs he/she impatiently need to be aspiring for. The abs physical exercises flip not […]

Facebook Blog Home Myspace – Q&a

Susan asks… Crazy Ex GF? HELP!? ok so my boyfriend has a crazy ex girlfriend that is constantly trying to contact me over myspace and facebook. i dont even know this girl. And i have never been mean to her. I read her myspace blog yesterday and the stupid girl has on there how she […]