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How bloggers can benefit from twitter

Here are few ways through which bloggers can get good benefit through twitter: – Build you brand through Twitter – Promote your content through Twitter – Look for new audience at twittersphere – Get food news and stories for your blog through Twitter – Network with other bloggers with the help of twitter – Research regrding […]

How to benefit from twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool if used properly and here are few ways throygh which you can harness the power of twitter: 1 – For Marketing 2 – To search for jobs 3 – To search for employees 4 – Sending news, updates, offers regarding your products and services or website. 5 –  Find breaking news 6 – To drive […]

How to explode your email list with Twitter

At twitter you can post upto 140 charactes in your message. Yiou can post or say tweet what you are currently doing, your thought etc at twitter and same will be passed on to all your followers. Here are few steps through which you can increase your email list with twitter: 1 – Brand your twitter username […]

Twitter Marketing

Twitter if used properly can be utilised for marketing and excellent results can be obtained too. Twitter is web 2.0 site and has recently gained huge popularity due to its simplicity and ease to use.Twitter marketers try to gain as much followers as possible as more the followers you have the more exposure your tweet […]

Welcome to Pulse Of Open Source

Welcome to Pulse Of Open Source– A site with updates and news on web 2.0 site Twitter. Bokmark this site by pressing CTRl+D on your keyboard or subscrive through RSS to receive latest updates.