How to Treat a Strained Hamstring

Straining your hamstring can occur during all kinds of physical activities, and it can be a painful nuisance that can get worse if you don’t treat the injury properly. Luckily, as long as you follow some basic guidelines to care for your hamstring after the strain occurs, you can reduce the initial pain and swelling in just a few days. After that, you can start gentle stretching and strengthening exercises throughout the following weeks to rehabilitate the muscle. Depending on the severity of the strain, you might be able to get back to your regular levels of physical activities in as little as a month. Always consult your doctor for professional medical ad…
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How to Heal a Lip Burn

Burns on your lips can be painful and annoying to deal with, but there are ways you can treat minor ones at home. When you accidentally get a burn, start by cleaning and cooling it down to reduce the risk of infection. After the initial care, continue moisturizing your lips and relieving pain with over-the-counter medications and gels. As long as you treat the burn properly, it should go away within about 1 week. If you have a severe burn or your condition wo…
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How to Improve Store Bought Muffin Mix

Store-bought box mixes make it easy to bake up a batch of muffins, but the flavor can sometimes be a little underwhelming. Luckily, there are lots of easy ways to upgrade your box muffin mix! For a blast of fruit flavor, stir your favorite fresh or frozen berries into the batter. If you want to add a little crunch or texture to your muffins, try stirring in chopped nuts or toasted coconut flakes. You can also play around with flavors by incorporating vanilla extract, cinnamon, pumpkin purée, and so much more!

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How to Pose for Pictures

Everyone wants to look great in pictures, but it can sometimes be a little hard to know what will make you look your best. Luckily, there are a few quick tricks that can help you feel more confident in any photo. Whether you’re taking a selfie or having a professional photograph taken, a little practice will likely help you feel more confident in front of the camera.

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When It’s Raining or Too Hot to Run Outside, I Do These 23 Indoor Cardio Exercises

Warmer weather has inspired me to get back into running outside – every summer, I’m reminded how amazing the sun and breeze feels on my skin. But if it’s too chilly in the morning, too hot, too humid, or it’s raining, I lose all motivation and keep my workout inside instead.

My outdoor runs are usually an hour, but for these indoor workouts, 30 minutes is usually my limit. I s…

How to Have Good Manners

Good manners are an important thing to have since it shows that you’re courteous to other people. Having good social etiquette can help you develop better relationships and make you more enjoyable to be around. If you’re having a meal with others, then make sure you use good manners while you’re eating to show that you’re respectful. You also should maintain etiquette while you’re online so you don’t offend or overshare with others.

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