How to Pickle Carrots

If you love the vinegary sweetness of pickled vegetables, try pickling carrots at home. You can start with a basic brine and adjust the seasonings or choose a Mexican or Vietnamese inspired brine. Bring your choice of brine to a boil and add sliced carrots. Let the carrots cook very briefly so they begin to absorb the brine. Then pack the carrots with brine in jars and chill the pickled carrots before you serve them.

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How to Store a Fur Coat

Fur coats, fur stoles, and fur accessories are expensive to replace. Fur is also easily damaged over time. Proper storage can help prevent damage to fur. Choose a dark place to store fur and one that has a low relative humidity. Make sure to avoid over-filling the closet or wrapping fur in a plastic bag. For best results, seek professional storage if it is affordable for you.

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How to Make a Corsage

To save money when planning for a special occasion, learn how to make a corsage on your own. Corsages add color and a festive flair to baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and all kinds of other special events.


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How to Make Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes can add a colorful flair to any gathering or special occasion. Transform a simple vanilla cake batter with food coloring, and then carefully layer each different color of batter into a cupcake tin. Choose a combination of your favorite colors for the batter, or stick to the standard colors of the rainbow. Once baked, top the finished product with your choice of icing and sprinkles, and enjoy!

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How to Decrystallize Honey

Honey can last for many years, and there’s no need to toss it out if it crystallizes. This process is actually perfectly natural and helps preserve flavor in your honey![1] You still need to decrystallize it to make it easier to get it out of the bottle. You can return the honey back to its non-crystallized state using faucet water, boiling water, or a crockpot depending on the original container for your honey.

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How to Bleach Dye a Sweatshirt

Bleach dyeing is a fun way to create a tie-dye effect on darker clothes using items you probably already have in your home. You can use a traditional tie-dye design, make stripes, or even create a bullseye on your sweatshirt by spraying it with diluted bleach. Spending the afternoon bleach dyeing your sweatshirt will make it stand out in the best way possible to show off your personality and sense of style.

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